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 While the pandemic may have slowed down our travel, it has not put out the pilot light within us that drives our passion. Did you know we're available to deliver virtual education and workshops? We'd love to hear if we can help with your projects and education goals.

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Every day, there are new discoveries and evidence to support people with diabetes to live longer, healthier lives. Inspiring Diabetes Empowerment Associates (IDEA) put that evidence in your hands so you can support people with diabetes to make informed choices, and live life the way they choose. 

It often seems that people with diabetes are given lists of things they must change, rather than the skills to discover and choose what works for them.

Diabetes Canada recommends that most people with diabetes achieve and maintain an A1c between 6% and 7%. This is absolutely attainable without sacrificing quality of life! It's also important for people with pre-diabetes to develop the knowledge and skills to protect their blood vessels and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

IDEA will inspire hope, and provide the knowledge and skills for you to support people to live well with diabetes.

IDEA offers expert services to suit your needs. Explore the site and connect with us to discuss what will work best for you!

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