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 While the pandemic may have slowed down our travel, it has not put out the pilot light within us that drives our passion. Did you know we're available to deliver virtual education and workshops? We'd love to hear if we can help with your projects and education goals.

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First Nations Diabetes Empowerment Seminars

Finding Hope: A Journey Towards a Better Life With Diabetes

Seminar Description and Objectives

Picture a world where people living with diabetes have the power in their hands to protect their blood vessels and have an optimal quality of life at the same time. They feel empowered and important enough to advocate for the best care and services available to them. In Canada, current practices for diabetes care encourage people living with diabetes to take a self-management approach. Pieces are often missing to make optimal self-management a reality.

Using an interactive and discovery based learning approach, Finding Hope will empower people with practical ways to live well with diabetes. This seminar has a positive approach to diabetes management which focuses on what we are trying to achieve, and not what we are trying to avoid. We believe that good things are possible and deserved by all people.

Seminar Outline

Please not that this is a sample agenda for a two-day seminar, and that the length and content will be tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Overview of Seminar

Day 1

• Getting to know one another - Elder’s opening and sharing circle

• Introduction to Hope Messages

o Hope Message #1: It’s not your fault

▪ Mother Nature is amazing

▪ What foods affect blood sugar anyway?

▪ It’s not just about the pancreas

o Hope Message #2: There are great possibilities

▪ What is going on with Type 2 Diabetes

▪ Natural history of diabetes progression

▪ From infant to elder - Keeping the blood flowing, now and for future generations

▪ Understanding all the numbers


• Review of Day 1 - Surprises, Questions, Ideas?

• Continuing the Hope Messages


o Hope Message #3: You deserve the best

▪ Treatments for diabetes - many problems means many solutions

▪ Medications and insulin

▪ Food and Fitness

o Hope Message #4: Happy Birthday

▪ From your head to your toes

▪ Helicopter tides

▪ Continued information quest

• Closing the circle - Closing sharing circle

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