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Honouring People with Diabetes

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Welcome to our IDEA Diabetes page. We are so glad you found us! At IDEA Diabetes we believe in great possibilities. We aim to foster hope and make diabetes better for everyone. We have so many exciting things in the works to bring to you, and can't wait to share them. 

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Professional Development Seminar Course Description

IDEAS: Inspiring Diabetes Empowerment and Action Seminar

Picture a world where people living with diabetes have the power in their hands to protect their blood vessels and have an optimal quality of life at the same time. They feel empowered and important enough to advocate for the best care and services available to them. In Canada, current practices for diabetes care encourage people living with diabetes to take a self-management approach. Unfortunately, pieces are missing to make optimal self-management a reality. Using an interactive and inquiry based approach to learning, IDEAS provides practical solutions and evidence-informed approaches to put the power in the hands of people with diabetes by empowering the people who work with them. 

During our professional development course, participants will:

  • Improve diabetes knowledge and practical application skills for the real world
  • Learn why current approaches to diabetes care perpetuate the acute/medical care model and how to change the approach 
  • Draw on your own experiences to create options for optimal diabetes care
  • Apply the role of empowerment and inspiration 
  • Learn about current, state of the art tools and technologies available today for diabetes self-management
  • Develop of a plan to begin using new skills when you return to work
  • Seminar Syllabus Includes:
  • Getting to know one another - Elder’s opening and sharing circle
  • Creating a vision - What does an ideal state for diabetes look like to you?
  • Identifying measures of success - How will you know when your client has achieved desired outcomes?
  • Understanding the current state of diabetes care in Canada - The good, the bad, and the ugly 
  • Looking forward - Solutions and practical applications to improved client care using the empowerment model
  • Closing the loop - How do we get from the current state of care today to the ideal vision?
  • Tools and practical ideas - Ideas tailored to your own work setting and the hope to go make a difference
  • Closing the circle - Closing sharing circle
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