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Stepping Stones -
Think, Talk and Do Diabetes Differently in Indigenous Communities

Every single person can make a difference.     Change the future. 

A three-part workshop series by IDEA Diabetes

Now accepting registrations for Stepping Stone 1: Spark Interest, Build Trust and Inspire Hope!


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We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Stepping Stone Workshops Registration

In this virtual workshop series, participants will join us on a journey that starts with establishing a foundation of knowledge and inspiration and then builds towards creating a community-level action plan. 

This course is for people who are involved in healthcare and health leadership in Indigenous communities and have the interest, energy and influence in shaping the community approach to diabetes.

Stepping Stone 1

A three-day starter workshop designed to ignite interest in a different way to think, talk, and do diabetes, based upon a foundation of hope, empowerment, and equity. You have a choice of three dates for this first session.

Information will be coming soon on the other two sessions.

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